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5.0 stars

I am an English teacher with years of experience, so I know what a productive and well taught language class is. As a student of the Spanish language, my preferred teacher is someone who is able to get their students to talk in Spanish (even if the student has a low level), as well as having the knowledge and expertise to focus on the parts of language that need improving. I am delighted to say Irascema provides these teaching qualities for me. Her classes are engaging, communicative and most importantly very rewarding for me as a language learner.


Irascema is the kind of tutor that you are lucky to find. Indeed her tuition was exactly what I needed. She possesses the perfect balance and “fleet of foot” being able to guide and respond to my interest in equal measure. She also has an excellent sense of humour and patience to manage my stuttering silences as he insists “en Espanol for favor”


We were both complete beginners when we started our lessons with Irascema and we were a little daunted by the idea of lessons completely in Spanish, however it is the best thing we could have done. The whole point of us trying to learn Spanish is so we can have a conversation, so speaking with Irascema is making us do it. If we slip into English she says ‘solo español’! Each week we have online lessons which works well for us. Irascema is the most patient teacher, very encouraging and a really nice person. 

Mike and Nicola

Irascema is a wonderful and attentive teacher. Each week she is extremely prepared and comes to the lesson with energy and enthusiasm. She is very adept at assessing exactly what I need to study each class, and sends me personalized study materials that are tailored to my individual learning. The time that we spend conversing is invaluable for my progress in learning Spanish and Irascema always slows down or enunciates when I ask for clarification or can’t understand something. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a fun and effective Spanish instructor.


Good person

Good person

Anthony Aco

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Dr. Devonte Kreiger

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